11 March, 2017

what's up?

Assalamualaikum. Hi gais

I know it's unsual time to update post like 2 a.m but yeahh I'm still waking, sleepy, but was blogwalking around and read over again the old posts. It was hilarious. What I am writing at that time? Haha, will improve soon.. 

Having difficulties time to update becaus of the leceh internet connection and so many assignments, tests, classes and me-time with bed. Hehehe

So, if you're wondering what i am up to right now is I am studying in Terengganu. Specifically UMT. Wait, before anyone ask 'what is UMT?' , you might want to read my next post about this mainly marine-based reseach university. So, after matriculation, i continued my studies in Degree in Marine Biology. From Kedah to Ganu I travelled. From 'person-who-doesn't-like-water'to a future 'marine-biologist-researcher InshaAllah.

Marine biologist. Didn't it seem so fun that like the one you've seen in National Geographic, handling the dolphin, whales, shark, see lions, turtle and etc? If you're wondering how doesthis course looks like actually, keep it up to my next coming post soon! I'll be updating about this course, so pray that I've more time and not clingy-time with bed 😂

That's all mis amigos. I started to feel high. Gotta sleep. Until next post, ¡Adios!
Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless you.