18 January, 2016

i'm back from long 'retirement' ?

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello ! annyeong ! :D

hi para blogger sekalian ! apa khabar kome semua?
hee, welcome back to me to the blogger world. konon konon lepas long "retirement" la sangat. hahaha ...

so well, i was so longing to at least write one post during the time but i am so so busy with life-student. hmphh, and the all good ideas to write about had gone blown away by Ganu's wind hahaha ! .. 
so yeahh iRedho that i can't write during those time and struggling with quite pack class's schedule !*heh*

btw, i am now studying @ Universiti Malaysia Terengganu a.k.a UMT. well, UMTerengganu is not so bad tho gais seriously eventhough sangat jauh dari rumah T_T  . i've got offer to continue my degree in Marine Biology last September and already finished my 1 semester !! hehehe, now was in 'honeymoon' mood for one month *hoyeahhhhhh*

anddd ... i am doing my part time during this temporary menggangur time. lewlss, so gais i would to invite readers do come and shopping at small bussiness of mine at Instagram @mosshishoppe :)

menyahut seruan #2kerja katakan, hikhik ;p

um, i think thats the only modal cerita i can write about for this time .. muahahaha next time update i will .

adios & have a nice evening everyone ! ;)