22 April, 2014

Interview Asasi TESL UiTM

Assalamualaikum people !

Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah, everything went smooth throughout the TESL interview last week eventhough I am totally nervous because this is my first interview ever in my life. Huhu
So, my father took me to UiTM Merbok after Zuhur.. and we arrived at the Faculty of Education around 2 p.m and there's a lot of people around the campus 😅

Unfortunately, as it about to start, they informed us that interview for evening session was delayed due to delayment in the morning session, so, we had to wait.
I checked the name list and found my name and my turn number to be interviewed.

I was standing beside my father when I realised a girl started to come closer toward us. she asked "awak sekolah mana" ? i answered her. she's from perlis but study in smk sultan abdul halim, ipoh if i'm not mistaken. and we become friends in a second ............... yeyy ! haha ^^ she's a bit peramah, that's why i can get in with her. then, a girl named aniqah , who is very soft-spoken joined us. but sadly, we're separated at last bcs different panel. the most tragic is when i didn't managed to ask their contact number ! i should have listened to my father to ask it earlier >< however, i wish i can meet them again, one day :')

at 3 p.m, writing test started. only one hour. question paper divided into two section:-

a) objective -macam standard comprehension skill (main bulat-bulat jawapan aje but kinda susah sikit. me, myself need to read the passage few times before answer hehe)

b) essay (that time, we got an essay about "malaysia have many intresting places that attract many tourists. how to promote malaysia?") 

then kitaorang habis exam about 4 p.m. the lecturer lah kut rasanya , tell us to that personal interview will start at 4.15 p.m. I looked again the name list in panel 2. i was quite shocked bcs my turn is 24th person ! huii, lambat tau dak. jeles tengok sape yang dapat turn awal tu balik awal T__T

everything was fine until my leg started to 'lenguh'  bcs waiting for a long time. masa pun berganjak sampai dah nak ke senja. my turn is nearly 7 p.m ! actually 6.50 p.m.

a bit nervous *of course* , i entered the room. you know what to do when you're entering interview room right?

i gave her my documents and she said "have a seat, fatin" . how pleasured i am. hahhahahaha xD

my interview session began like this :

"so ... fatin, why are you here today?"

a bit blurred for a second but then i answered her. what i answered both interviewers is secret. hehe, my answer is too funny to tell. hehehe so i only wrote what did she asked me here ;)

"what is the problems that we're facing to teach english subject to student" 

lebih kurang macam tu lah soalan yng dia tanya cause i tak ingat sangat.

"how to overcome this problems?"

"did you read newspaper?"

"what did you read"

part this i ingat. i answered them pasal mh370 and karpal singh. moral of the story, you need to know some current issues happening ! 

"oh ya, what happened to him?"

she asked this because i ada sebut pasal karpal singh before this.

"okayy,, .. do you have any question to ask me, fatin?"

aku jawab 'no' sebab aku memang tak terpikir nak tanya apa dah. yang aku pikir nak habiskan iv cepat2 and balik. freak out !

 hahahaha, then she gave back my original document. LOL,  i was a bit 'gagap' while speaking ! -,-"

that's all. actually, there's few more questions but i didn't remember.

sebelum iolss keluar bilik temuduga, dia cakap macam ni "Thank you for coming. goodluck !" 
iolls pun senyum and keluar sambil wish goodluck kepada yang masih berdiri dekat luar. hehe 

that's all yng dapat dikongsikan. teheee :D

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